Frequently Asked Questions

  • What assets does the fund invest in?

    The fund invests in a diverse range of yield bearing assets including cash, debt and hybrid securities issued by well known, blue-chip companies. The top holdings are:

    • Telstra Floating Rate Notes
    • Cash
    • AXA SA Floating Rate Notes
    • Crown F
    • SCA Property Retain Trust Fixed
    • Royal Bank of Canada Floating Rate Notes
    • Commonwealth Bank of Australia Hybrid
    • National Australia Bank Hybrid*
  • Why would I invest in bonds?

    Bonds are a form of corporate debt, which means they are higher up the corporate structure than equity (common shares). This means that companies are required to pay the interest on their debt commitments before any distributions to equity holders, which makes bonds a more reliable and less volatile investment class. The regular interest payments means they can provide a predictable stream of income.
  • How often is interest paid?

    The fund distributes interest on a half-yearly basis.
  • What are the fees?

    Switzer Higher Yield Fund’s management fee is 0.9225%. Additional expenses and reimbursements are estimated to be 0.075%, so the total cost is 0.9975%*

*As at 31 August, 2016

  • How well has the fund performed in the past?

    Since inception in August 2009, the fund has returned on average 5.96% per annum compared to the Benchmark Index return of 4.00%.*
  • How big is the fund?

    The fund currently has $31.24 million in funds under management*
  • How and when can I access my money?

    Access to funds is usually within 5 business days. You can liquidate your holdings at any time.

*As at 31 August, 2016


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