You can buy and sell units on the ASX just as you would any ordinary shares with the ticker code SWTZ.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the fund invest in?

    The Fund will be investing in companies that have desirable dividend streams and the capability to grow these dividend streams, and which are fully franked or close to being fully franked.

    The fund will aim to maintain 80% – 99% invested in Australian shares and 1% – 20% in cash.

    The fund will typically invest in the largest 150 companies in Australia based on market capitalisation.

  • How often is income paid?

    The fund expects to pay distributions quarterly, in January, April, July and October. They will be based on the Fund’s net income at the end of the distribution period, divided by the number of Units on issue.

  • What are the fees?

    The Fund pays a Management Fee of 0.89% p.a. (including GST) to the Responsible Entity. The Management Fee covers the management of the Fund and its assets, and Fund outgoings including administration, accounting, audit and registry fees and expenses. There are no performance, establishment or contribution fees. Investors may incur brokerage costs in purchasing or selling Units on the ASX.

  • How does the fund select investments?

    The Fund intends to invest in a portfolio of quality, high-yielding listed Australian shares with an emphasis on companies that are paying fully franked dividends and which are expected to grow these dividends over time.

    The Responsible Entity intends to use a ‘top down business cycle’ approach, where the research effort focuses on forecasting future domestic and global economic conditions and assessing their impact on the performance of sectors and stocks. These relationships are used to guide decision-making as to the size, allocation to cash and the sector biases within the Fund’s investment portfolio.

    The top-down approach is complemented by a disciplined ‘bottom up’ stock selection process, which involves quantitative and qualitative fundamental analysis in respect of each of the stocks identified for potential investment.

    When constructing a diversified portfolio, the Responsible Entity also considers the Fund portfolio’s overall risk positions including stock, sector and thematic risks.

  • How and when can I access my money?

    Holders can sell Units on the ASX market through a stockbroker or share trading account without completing any forms. Proceeds from any sale of Units will be delivered through the ASX CHESS settlement service. An investor’s exit price will be the price at which the Units were sold on the ASX AQUA market, less any brokerage fee that is incurred.

  • What is an iNAV?

    iNAV stands for Indicative Net Asset Value. The Net Asset Value (NAV) is calculated by deducting all liabilities (including fees) from the total value of the Fund’s assets, and dividing this number by the number of Units on issue.

    During each ASX Trading Day, an indicative NAV (iNAV) is published to take into account any movement of the prices of those securities that comprise the Fund’s investment portfolio.

  • Will I receive a CHESS statement?

    Holders will receive a CHESS holding statement showing the numbers of Units that they own. Holders will receive an updated CHESS holding statement upon the occurrence of any changes to their holding.


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