URB Investments Limited Initial Public Offer

URB will be an investment company listed on the ASX with exposure to the growing investment theme of urban renewal and regeneration. URB is backed by some of the leading investment managers in the country, including Washington Soul Patinson and Company, and seeks to capture long-term value by investing in Equity and Direct Property Assets

The company will seek to benefit from urban renewal and regeneration by investing in assets that have exposure to population and housing growth, major infrastructure investment, new employment, revitalisation of town centres, education services, and healthcare services.

URB considers that urban renewal and regeneration presents an immediate and attractive investment opportunity in Australia and that an investment in URB will suit investors seeking exposure to alternative asset classes.

Key dates and terms
Opening Date 03/03/2017
Closing Date 30/03/2017
Application Price $1.10 per Unit
Minimum Application Amount 2,000 Units

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The Opportunity

Why Invest

Exposure to a Rapidly Growing Investment Theme

Urban Renewal and Regeneration is an immediate and attractive opportunity across Australia. It is happening now and will continue to shape the future of our major cities and deliver real returns to those who take advantage of this thematic.

Listed Equity Investments

Immediate access to the Urban Renewal Universe (made up of 89 stocks from the ASX All Ordinaries Index of 500 stocks) with a combined market capitalisation of approximately $350 billion. Highly correlated portfolio to urban renewal (typically 30 stocks), will seek to complement more mainstream equity portfolios as URB does not intend to hold banking or resource stocks.

Direct Property

Seed Assets of approximately $30 million in pre-IPO direct property investing alongside one of Australia's oldest and respected investment houses, Soul Pattinson. Potential for valuation uplift through income and re-valuation opportunities.

Alternative Asset Class

Suits investors wanting exposure to infrastructure and complements Australian equities and property investments.


It is important to understand that the value of investments may rise or fall, investment returns will vary and future returns may differ from past returns, investment returns are not guaranteed and investors may lose the money they have invested in URB. The appropriate level of risk for each investor will be different and depends on a range of factors, including age, investment time frame, where other parts of an investor’s wealth are invested and the investor’s risk tolerance. Prior to making an investment, investors should consider if it is appropriate for their individual circumstances and seek professional advice. For more detailed information relating to the risks of the Fund, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement available at the top of this page.

Who is URB for?

URB Investments was designed to meet the needs of those looking to access the high-growth investment theme of urban renewal and regeneration.
URB will invest in a blend of direct property and listed equities, giving investors access to a uniquely diversified portfolio in one investment.

The Investment Team

The Fund Manager for URB Investments is Contact Asset Management. Investors will have the benefit of having their funds managed by a highly experienced team consisting of:

Robert Millner

Chairman, Washington Soul Pattinson and Director, Contact Asset Management

Tom Millner

Director / Portfolio Manager, Contact Asset Management

Will Culbert

Director / Portfolio Manager, Contact Asset Management

Warwick Negus

Chairman and Director, URB Investments Limited

What is Urban Renewal?

Urban renewal and regeneration is the transformation of existing urban areas to accommodate much denser and generally mixed used environments. Urban renewal and regeneration is characterised by the unlocking of under-utilised areas for jobs, investment and housing. It typically involves rezoning land whilst investing in hard and soft infrastructure required to cater for the desired new future of an area. Overall, urban renewal and regeneration enables the use and development of an area to better align with the current and future needs of a growing city.

How to invest

Disclaimer and Disclosure

The content of this email and website has been prepared without taking account of the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular individual. It does not constitute formal advice. Consider the appropriateness of the information in regards to your circumstances. Please read the relevant PDS and obtain appropriate financial advice before making any investment decisions.

Switzer Financial Group (AFSL 286 531)  may earn a selling fee of 1.5% on all applications placed through us.