WCM Performance Disclaimer

Source: WCM Investment Management.

This performance data is net of fees and provided for general information only and relates to WCM Investment Management’s flagship global equity portfolio, the Quality Global Growth portfolio (QGG Composite) established 31 March 2008. Where full year returns were not available, those returns were ‘annualised’ (i.e. converted to an annual rate). Past performance is not indicative of future performance or returns for either the QGG Composite or the WCMQ. Past returns for the QGG Composite may differ from future returns of the WCMQ as performance of the QGG Composite is denominated in US dollars and performance of the WCMQ will be denominated in Australian dollars (unhedged) and the investments of the QGG Composite and the WCMQ may differ (e.g. the WCMQ excludes investment in ASX-listed securities). The Morgan Stanley Capital International World Index (or MSCI World Index) is a free-float adjusted, market-capitalisation-weighted index designed to benchmark the performance of various global equity markets. None of Switzer Asset Management Limited, WCM Investment Management Limited, their related bodies corporate, directors, officers or employees guarantees the performance of the WCMQ, the timing or amount of any return from the WCMQ or that the WCMQ will achieve its investment objectives.